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Barranco is a charming Garifuna village and the southernmost coastal community in Belize. The village was settled around 1860 and, in addition to fishing, became an agricultural production center, producing rice and pineapple for local and national markets. Currently the village has approximately 150 residents and is recognized as one of the last traditional Garifuna communities in Belize. Barranco is home to the acknowledged poet Victor Nicholas as well as a variety of Garifuna craft-makers and artisans.

Barranco postoffice
Garifuna kids

An unpaved road was recently built to Barranco, but people still travel to Punta Gorda by boat and dory (a traditional dug-out canoe). Barranco is a gateway to the Sarstoon-Temash National Park. A journey into the park along the Temash River is recommended.

Barranco has a guesthouse with rustic charm run by a local co-op. For reservations and tours call Alvin Loredo at +501 709 2010 (Barranco community telephone).

Temple in Barranco
View towards Guatemala


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